At Matubo, you can find the best Czech beads to make your own jewellery. And one of the things that really makes Matubo different is that we are always one step ahead in what concerns to bead designs.



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At Matubo, innovation is our goal. You can find new beads that are released every couple of months. They may be in new colors or new sizes. But due to its precise shape and top quality, your accessories will definitely stand out. The jewellery you want to make may be more classic or more modern, but we are sure the new bead design will make it perfect.

You can put together smaller and larger beads like the superduo and the miniduo, just one kind of bead in different colors, or whatever your creativity and imagination lead you to. But no piece of jewellery will have an impact if the material doesn't have quality.

Make sure you check this page regularly since we are constantly releasing new Matubo beads that will fit perfectly on the necklace or bracelet you're trying to create. Stay on top of the latest news, models and trends just by visiting this page.

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